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Rin Okumura Ao no Exorcist Blue Exorcist

"Then why don't you try showing me just how much you have grown up, hm?!"

Rin Okumura

Shiro Fujimoto is Rin's father, guardian, and ideal hero. He thinks highly of father Fujimoto even though he constantly calls him old fart. In all his life, father Fujimoto is the only one who has loved and cared for Rin including Yukio. On the contrary, father Fujimoto isn't so holy and admirable. He likes sexy babes and constantly hits Rin with anything in site. He also likes to tease Rin as if Rin will not be able to grow [..]

"I just.. didn't know that you were a nice person really."

Rin Okumura

Shiemi Moriyama stands as the love interest of Rin even though he doesn't realize it himself, but he is actually crushing Shiemi-chan. He even gets jelous between Shiemi and Yukio. Shiemi is the first person who treated Rin as a friend. At first she judged Rin as an evil demon because Rin ruined the ward that protects Shiemi's garden from demons, but Shiemi accepted Rin as a friend but she still didn't know that Rin was a demon at first. As the series goes further, Yukio is the one who notices how Shiemi treats Rin. He thinks that Shiemi treats Rin like a family and someone close to her because Shiemi only screams at someone who she really [..]

"Those flames of yours are a different matter. Those you must keep under strict control."

Rin Okumura Mephisto Pheles is the chairman of the True Cross Academy. He is also the person that Fujimoto told Rin to contact when he lives the monestary. After Fujimoto's death, Mephisto gave Rin a decision between killing them or being killed. However, Rin decided to become an exorcist instead and Mephisto took the idea interesting. He gave Rin a special entrance to the True Cross Academy and was also planning on using Rin as a weapon against satan.

"Try studying instead of trying to act all cool for girls. You make me sick!"

Rin Okumura Ryuji Suguro is Rin's well, "mortal enemy" at their cram school. He is annoyed of how Rin is not taking exorcism seriously by not studying or doing great in class. Both Ryuji and Rin has the same goal to kill satan which also makes them more agressive with each other. At first Rin thinks that Ryuji is a deliquent but Ryuji was actually the top of the class. While Ryuji thinks that Rin is just being stupid by taking exorcism till he learns Rin's natural intention and seriousness in becoming an exorcist.


Rin Okumura