The beloved father

Rin Okumura Ao no Exorcist Blue Exorcist

"Then why don't you try showing me just how much you have grown up, hm?!"

Rin Okumura Shiro Fujimoto is Rin's father, guardian, and ideal hero. He thinks highly of father Fujimoto even though he constantly calls him old fart. In all his life, father Fujimoto is the only one who has loved and cared for Rin including Yukio. On the contrary, father Fujimoto isn't so holy and admirable. He likes sexy babes and constantly hits Rin with anything in site. He also likes to tease Rin as if Rin will not be able to grow up and become an adult. He jokes around and usually would tell Rin that he has to show him first before he decides that Rin has indeed grown up.

You have to mature

"How many times do I have to tell you to think with your head not your fist!!"

Rin Okumura Father Fujimoto wants Rin to start working right away, but Rin is too picky with his job of choice. Rin doesn't want a respectable job because he thinks that he is not yet good enough to work like other normal people. Rin's statement angered father Fujimoto and told Rin that thinking foolish like that is stupid and he must not get picky with any job because Rin is a drop out. Fujimoto told Rin that as his legal guardian, he must make sure that Rin would have a nice future since it is his responsibility to raise him as an adult. To be honest, I think Fujimoto is trying to make sure that Rin would have a normal life even though he knows that there would be a time when Rin's natural demonic nature would be release and he is afraid that he might not be there when it happens. When Rin decided to go for the interview that father Fujimoto told him to go to because it is a job in a restaurant which fits Rin because Rin likes to cook, both Rin and Fujimoto had a father and son conversation. Which I think became an important memory for Rin, obviously. Rin was trying to tie his necktie but gave up because he didn't know how to, Fujimoto told Rin that he would help him with his tie. Fujimoto tells Rin that it is true that he has grown up but his brain still decides like a child. Rin kept telling Fujimoto that he is already grown up, but Fujimoto doesn't believe Rin so instead he told Rin that Rin must show Fujimoto first before he fully believes that his dear son Rin has indeed grown up into a fine young man.

I want to become like you

"I want to be someone like dad someday"

Rin Okumura When Rin was just a kid, he could tell that he isn't normal and that there is some strange strength that he possesses. Because Rin is constantly teased at school because of his attitude and appearance, Rin would sometimes throw tantrums and even hurt other kids. It was always father Fujimoto who could calm Rin down. Father Fujimoto told Rin that he must use his strenght to help people instead of hurting others. He must struggle to become a repsectable man who is also popular with the girls. Rin of course follows Fujimoto's words and try to become a cool and respectable person. For Rin, Fujimoto is the person that he would like to become. Surprisingly enough, even though Rin isn't as good as his genius twin brother, Yukio, at academics; Rin has what it takes to become an exorcist. From what Shura have said to Yukio, Rin isn't the type of guy who stresses himself even with his own status, and usually go with the flow. Also, Yukio sees similar scenes where Rin acts and thinks like Fujimoto. When Fujimoto's familiar, Blacky, was in distress, Rin calmed Blacky as father Fujimoto did years ago. Rin would probably become someone like Fujimoto when he grows up especially now that Rin had acquired Fujimoto's familiar, Blacky.

I won't be writing about Fujimoto's death on this page since I have already narrated it at the introduction page of Rin's story at Venture.


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