Frequently asked questions

Rin Okumura Ao no Exorcist

These are the questions which are not really frequently asked. I just added a faq section for visitors that might be interested or have questions like this circling in their minds. If your question is not at all located here, you may e-mail me by using my contact form.

Why did you make this site?
» because I would like to make a shrine.. for a character that I am currently fandom-ing right now.

You have an error here, here, and here! You should correct them!
» I'm just a human being.. I am bound to make a mistake. Kazue Kato is the only person who knows 101% anything about Rin. I'm just a fan who's doing this for amusement. I also take my time re-reading my content and correcting my spelling mistakes.

Why did you choose Rin?
» because he is adorable..

Can I rip or copy your layout or codes?
» Nope.

Can I take your content?
» please don't.

Can I use your icons?
» go ahead. you don't have to credit me.

Let's be affiliates or link exchange!
» I would love to!! Contact me here →

What kind of sites do you accept for affiliation?
» Any anime or manga related sites, character shrines, fanlistings, galleries.. it doesn't have to be Ao no Exorcist related.. but if it is, then that's great too..


Rin Okumura