My excuse for this site

The fact is that I never planned on creating this site. It's all based from my mood and well desire to make a Rin related layout. I actually started creating a shrine for a different character 2 months ago, but had put it on hold from the lack of interest. It all started when I was given a chance to be approved for the fanlisting for Yukio and their relationship. To be honest, I applied for both brothers but was unapproved for Rin; I was especially happy that Rin's fanlisting was given to such a wonderful fanlisting owner, Dorothy. But then, I began to love the series and decided to make Yukio's site to have more content. I love both brothers and couldn't seem to choose between whom I like most, unlike Ed and Al of FMA. And so, I decided to make a small 5 page tribute for Rin because I already have a site up for Yukio. But as I go and study the 25 chapters of the manga and 6 episodes of the anime series, information about Rin started to pile up that I spontaneously decided to make it as a tribute with a fair amount of content. And thus Uprising came online.

I love Rin's character even though I hate the thought of him being a demon, but the flow of the series is amazing which is the reason why it has now became a new fandom. I would like to thank the resource sites that are listed here for the image scans, brushes and textures used for this site. And especially, Kazue Kato-sensei for creating the world of Ao no Exorcist.

The site won't exist if my fandom is not based on brotherly love, so thank you interest for being always bizarre.


Rin Okumura