His Familiar

Rin Okumura Ao no Exorcist Blue Exorcist

Rin Okumura Rin's familiar is a Cat Sith named Blacky. It was first introduced in Chapter 8 of the manga, the cat is the guardian of the Southern Rear entrance. Upon hearing his master's death, Fujimoto Shirou, the cat had gone berserk and violently reacts by hitting anyone in sight. The cat kept saying "lies" as he denies the news to himself. When Yukio was asked for assistance, Rin came with him. Yukio reveals the "medicine" that Fujimoto gave him a year ago. The medicine is for Blacky to calm him down and gradual death. Rin hears the thoughts of the cat and realizes that the cat was just confused. Rin stops Yukio from using the "medicine" and convinces Yukio to let Rin handle the situation. Rin confronts Blacky and told the cat that Fujimoto is dead, and that he could truly understand what the cat feels. After the incident, Blacky became Rin's familiar.

History: The cat sith was known as a protective deity who receives offerings and festivals from the farmers in ancient times, in exchange for protecting the silkworms from mice. However, as the time passes, the cat sith was forgotten and the cultivation of silkworms was outdated. The place where they used to give their offerings to the cat sith was being destroyed, the cat sith attacked the people. The people asked for help from the True Cross Academy, and Fujimoto was able to calm the cat sith down and better yet, it became his familiar.

Facts: The cat sith is based from the Scottish mythology about a creature that resembles a cat. It is known as a black cat or a fairy that is as huge as a dog with a white spot on its breast. Some say that the cat sith is a transformed witch. In many Scottish legends, it is known for a creature that hunts the Scottish highlands. The cat sith is found in many contemporary literature or media. It was also used as a character Edgar Allan Poe's "The Black Cat" about the terror of the cat's owner. The cat that was hurt and killed by its owner, and then when the owner found a similar cat and took care of it. He grew terrified and tried to kill it but was stopped by his wife who he axed. After some time, the body of his wife was found in his walls with the screeching monster cat on top of it. A cat robotic character in Final Fantasy franchise bear the name Cait Sith. Also in the anime Aria, a cat sith was also included. The term Cat Sith is believed to stem from the Scottish word Sidhe meaning fairy, while Cait meaning cat.


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