Cooking master boy

Rin Okumura Ao no Exorcist Blue Exorcist

"I wish you were this good at studying too.."

Rin Okumura cooking The only thing that Rin could excel in is by cooking. Rin loves to cook and is surprisingly good at it. As Yukio have said, it would have been great if he were as smart as he is in cooking as he should be in academics. This just shows that Rin is not entirely stupid. It's also a good lesson for young boys who are watching ao no exorcist, that if you put your mind at it, you could definitely do anything. The reason why Rin likes to cook is because he would like to make someone happy when they eat his food. In my opinion, it is Rin's comfort to himself. He cooks and thus he gets praised. And whenever he gets better at cooking, the more Fujimoto and the people in the monastery gives him more attention and appreciation. It is also something that Yukio cannot or would not do, so for Rin, being better at cooking than Yukio, is a great accomplishment and as of now, his talent.

Rin Okumura cooking Rin's first dish is a "tamago" or egg/omelet in english. This is his first attempt to cook, and for the reason we don't know. Two men from the monastery were the first person to try and taste Rin's cooking. But it was too salty to digest, Rin was annoyed and took the dish and told them not to eat it if they don't like it. Fujimoto arrived and tasted Rin's omelet right away after learning that his young Rin cooked something. But of course, he spitted it right after gobbling the whole plate. However, he praised Rin after saying that it was good for the first try and patted Rin's head. Blushing because he was happy, Rin became focused on cooking and was able to grow up and become a great cook that even Yukio is proud of.

In the first episode of the anime, Rin was able to work in a supermarket as he does the labor. He was given a chance to show his talent in cooking when one of the supermarket personnel was cooking for the food tasting section in the market. But the food tastes horrible that Rin helped the lady to spice things up. The customers where thrilled and bought the food even the sauces which Rin used to make it taste better. His boss was impressed and hired Rin. But of course, the demon incident came which lost Rin's job right away.


Rin Okumura