Just like a mirror

Rin Okumura Ao no Exorcist Blue Exorcist

The theme of the series is somewhat similar to a North American tv series Supernatural. Where the plot follows two brothers who were following their father's footsteps in the effort to find their missing father. But as the story goes deeper, both brothers became acquainted with the supernaturals and become the reason for the apocalypse. They constantly fight demons and angels too.

"I think I'm adorable.."

Rin Okumura to Dean Winchester Dean is the older Winchester brother. He is known for being the bad boy who is obviously lacking in the academics department. He is also shorter than his younger brother. Dean is similar to Rin because they are both the older brothers who are over powered by their younger brother's accomplishments. Both Dean and Rin have always been wanting attention since childhood because their younger brothers are the ones who are always in the spotlight. In Dean's case, he gets comfort from being a play boy in the effort to be noticed while Rin focused on being the great cook. Their decision making is also quite the same since both of their younger brothers are intelligent who usually decides from logical analytical methods, Dean and Rin follows their instincts and also by the use of brute force. Also, both Rin and Dean gets annoyed by their younger brother's gifted knowledge whenever they are corrected in lots of ways, while they annoy their younger brothers by acting and spouting idiocy. At the same time, they are both adorable in their own idiotic way which makes them attractive by being gallant. Yes, both Dean and Rin are gallant men. Even though Dean is a play boy, he surprisingly still becomes a gentlemen like Rin whenever there is a girl who is in danger. Both of them have that kind of natural disposition.

They are also the same in the rebellious department. They rebel against their destiny and takes the difficult rode. Dean was given a job to become "Michael's" vessel or container, however, he does not want to be used by an angel and tries to get away from his destiny just like how Rin does with satan. Both of them are being targeted because of the blood that runs in their body. Other than being the idiot brother, sometimes, their mature decisions are always right which is surprising for their know-it-all younger brothers to accept, especially in the midst of near death situation.

In most cases, Dean and Rin are similar on how much they love their younger brother. The most important to them are family and brotherhood. They both are ready to give their life for their siblings and also would do anything for them. And if their younger brothers are being insulted in-front of them, they would beat the crap out of the person who annoyed them.


Rin Okumura