Rin Okumura Personality Ao no Exorcist

"Before this I would've stared back and started a fight after class. But I'm not going too because .. I've decided to become an Exorcist."

Rin has an adorable happy-go-lucky kind of personality but in contrast, he is a hot-tempered kid. He can be violent a lot of times in the series, but is amazingly supportive, positive, and carries a huge kind heart. He is not a smart kid and has a below average school grade. He sleeps almost all his class lectures even though he sits in front of the teacher, Rin has a hard time focusing. But once he is in the kitchen, Rin becomes the master of his domain. Rin likes popularity although it is Yukio who gets the most attention from cute girls, Rin tries his best to get the attention he dreams off and one day he wants to be a cool hero like his guardian/father/hero, Fujimoto.

Rin Okumura Because of his uncontrollable temper, Rin constantly gets into fights. He glares at people who annoys him and sometimes he would just burst his anger to anyone around him by screaming. Although sometimes he tries to get out of trouble and do good instead. But there are numerous of times when Rin could not control his anger and it releases his demonic blue flames that could hurt anyone near him whenever he succumbs to satan's power. As a kid, Rin would go on rampage if he was teased and called a demon or an evil kid. He would destroy anything around his environment, throw things at people, and would constantly scream as if he was a monster. It was Fujimoto, his guardian and adopted father, who would come to calm and comfort him. Rin always listened to his father Fujimoto's genuine words. Sometimes, Fujimoto would get hurt in the process of calming Rin from his tantrums, but seeing Rin's self-destruction is more painful to take than physical wounds. Fujimoto told Rin that if he would continue to go on rampage every time he is angry and frustrated, he might end up being alone in the future. He continued that in order for Rin Rin Okumurato fit in, he must become a respected person; a cool person who is popular with the girls. Growing up, Fujimoto's words became Rin's ultimate goal: to become a respectable person. Rin is difficult to understand if one person does not know him well. Since he looks like a kid who is a delinquent and rebellious, people would judge him negatively right away. But Rin tries to change his ways everyday by helping people and constantly making good deeds. Rin is bashful. Whenever he gets shy, he would spout nonsensical and hurtful words, but he doesn't realize that his words could hurt anyone. Whenever he gets shy infront of Fujimoto after being treated as a kid and not as an adult like he thinks he is, Rin would go bashful and call his father Fujimoto "old fart". The worst thing that he said was "just go die.." but Fujimoto knows that Rin was just shy and didn't mean it. Ironically, at that same day, father Fujimoto died in-front of Rin. Furthermore, when Shiemi-chan was proposing to Rin for friendship, Sugiro and his crew interrupted the two and teased Rin with Shiemi being his girlfriend. Rin informed them that she is not his lover right and added that she is not a friend also. Shiemi was shocked from the result of Rin's words since she thought that Rin was her friend because Rin has always been nice to her. Furthermore, Rin has been changing his ways by using his strength and helping people with it instead of brutally getting into fights, but sometimes, Rin gets into fights even though he was just trying to make a good deed.

Rin Okumura Rin is hard working. Since he was a kid, he has always been trying to impress and make the people around him happy. As a young fella, Rin became interested in cooking, and tried to learn it by himself. He was not a natural cook since he started cooking salty omelets, but he was thanked and praised by father Fujimoto right away which gave him the reason to persevere. Also, in Chapter 1 of the story, Rin did not know how to tie a necktie at first and was helped by father Fujimoto. It also gave Fujimoto a reason to tease Rin for being a child because he can't even tie a simple manly necktie. But, days after Fujimoto's funeral, Rin was already professional in tying his tie which means, Rin practiced hard since learning how to tie a necktie became a challenge for him in becoming an adult. Also, in order to reach his goal in becoming a Paladin - Exorcist, Rin has been trying to change his ways by not getting into fights (and only with Yukio), constantly practicing with Blacky, and focusing on controlling his flames.

Rin is also the kind of person who leaps before he thinks. He does not think through or plan ahead, he would just decide from his intuition and go from there on. Rin is also an easy going person. He would just go with the flow and be spontaneous unlike his twin brother Yukio who would analyze his movements and the effects of his decisions. Rin is a spunky kid.

Rin also likes to take naps whenever he gets tired or bored in class. To be honest, he sleeps all the time and even in the whole period of his class which made one of his classmates, Sugiro, angry because Sugiro thought that Rin isn't serious about becoming an exorcist and was just screwing everyone. In Rin's case, he's trying but it just that he isn't as good as Yukio at studying.

Rin's goals are to become a respectable person, to surpass Yukio, to become a Paladin, to become the strongest Exorcist, to protect those who are near him, and to beat satan to the core. Well, let's just see how much perseverance there is inside Rin.


Rin Okumura