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Exorcist is a term used for a person who practices exorcism which is a religious way to evict demons from people who are believed to be possessed. In the series Ao no Exorcist, there is a ranking of exorcist positions. Paladin is the highest level of Exorcist, and only one person was given the name Paladin. Also there are five categories of "Meister" Exorcists depending on which fighting style one chooses. Rin plans to become a Knight and reach the title of Paladin.

A time line of Rin's exorcist status

Rin Okumura Rin aquires a familiar, a cat sith called Blacky, who he met from Yukio's assignments. Rin also learns that the title of Paladin was only given to their old man, Fujimoto, who owns the familiar Blacky. At that moment, Blacky was having a hard time accepting Fujimoto's death that the cat was in his demonic form and was ready to kill anyone who attacks. Yukio told everyone that he will put the cat sith down using the chemical that Fujimoto left to him a year before his death. Rin hears the cat sith's thoughts and realizes that the cat was just sad about Fujimoto's death. He told Yukio that he will try and calm Blacky down using the strength of his head. Yukio thought that Rin has figured out a way to calm the cat down, but Rin just told the cat that Fujimoto is dead and literally used his head to pound the cat sith.

"You loved my old man right? so then.. You were just sad right? I'm the same as you.. let's resolve our differences."

Yukio realizes that the way Rin calmed the cat sith was the exact same way their deceased adopted father, Fujimoto did. Does this mean Rin can become a Paladin like Fujimoto? Fujimoto is intellectual therefore Rin has to study more to get his dream goal to happen. But as Shura have said, Rin has the attitude for becoming a strong exorcist.

Rin Okumura To become an exorcist, Rin must also control the power of his blue flames because if he gets consumed by it, Rin will have an opening for satan to posses. After his battle with Amaimon, Rin was consumed by his flames and was not himself. It was Mephisto who calmed him down however he was put into trial because he showed his powers in open, which was suppose to be a secret to other people.In the trial, Rin announces that he will not succumbed to satan and will try his best to become the strongest exorcist. He was given another chance for his life, but was given a huge amount of consequences. One of which was to control his blue flames. Rin asks Shura to teach him how to use his sword in the effort to be able to control it. Shura agrees and Rin was given one hell of a training, and Yukio was also assisting them.


Blue Flames

Rin Okumura

Rin's strength and inhuman power comes from his demonic nature of being satan's son. In chapter 1, when Rin first used his koumaken, Rin released all his power and blue flames. As the series continues, Rin uses the strength of his blue flames and koumaken; it was Yukio and Mephisto who kept on telling him if he always use his blue flames he will succumbed to satan's power in no time and will endanger not only him but those around him. Rin agrees that he will try not to use it, but because Rin is hot headed, whenever he is angry; he releases his blue flames every time. This is the part where we list all the scenes where Rin's blue flames are shown.

This is not me

Rin Okumura Chapter 1: It was in chapter 1 when Rin becomes a demon for the first time. When father Fujimoto's will was weaken, satan possessed him and took over his body to be able to take Rin from the dimension of Assiah to Gehenna. Rin was at first scared in the fact that he is the son of satan and his flames are showing a little when he looked at himself in-front of the mirror while being dragged by satan. Rin freaked out and was frightened, and then father Fujimoto tried to take over his body back and wounded his body in the effort to save Rin by committing suicide. Rin saw that satan was gone and father Fujimoto was unconscious. To save the two of them from being dragged to the door of Gehenna, Rin took his Koumaken and draw his sword which release his powers. He sliced the door and was able to get free from it. However it was too late, father Fujimoto was already dead.

Don't be afraid

Rin Okumura Chapter 2: In his first day of exorcism cram school, Rin finds out about Yukio's secret. His little brother Yukio was already a full fledged Middle First Class exorcist without him knowing about it. Rin was pissed of and kept asking Rin about it about how was he able to become an exorcist. Yukio told him that since birth, he had been infected by his brother and could see demons. Yukio trained exorcism since he was 7 and became the youngest exorcist. Both twins got into an argument because Rin could not accept the fact that his brother knows more than him about his true nature. Yukio told Rin that it was Rin who killed their father by weakening his soul from what Rin have said to their father Fujimoto. While telling Rin his true feelings, Yukio pointed his gun to Rin and told him that if he want's to become an exorcist just for revenge, it will just be a waste. Rin was angered and released his blue flames and told Yukio not to point his gun to his older brother, and if Yukio would feel better to shoot Rin, then shoot!. But Yukio couldn't shoot his brother of course, and Rin was about to slice up towards Yukio. Shocked Yukio was just trembling while pointing his gun to Rin who was about to slice him up, but Rin was aiming for the demon at the back of Yukio and saved his little brother.

Saving a girl indistress

Rin Okumura Chapter 3: When Yukio with Rin went out to go to the shop and because Yukio was especially requested to come by the shop owner. Rin meets a girl who's legs where infected by a curse by a low ranking demon, and so she couldn't stand. At first, the girl named Shiemi, was scared of Rin after Rin broke the gate that wards the demons. Rin became acquainted with the girl and was even complimented by being a nice person. Yukio's assignment was to check the girl and help her. Rin saw himself to Shiemi who was blaming herself for the death of her grandmother. Rin told Shiemi that she must not let herself stuck in her grandmother's garden because her grandmother wanted her to search for the Amahara Garden. Shiemi, realizing that Rin was right, changed her point of view and was captured by the demon flower. Yukio told Rin that he needs Rin's assistance which fired up Rin because he had always been wanting to hear the cry of Yukio's help for ages. Rin uses his flames since Shiemi was unconscious and no one can see him in his demonic appearance other than Yukio.

Don't treat me like a demon

Rin Okumura Chapter 6: In a training, Rin and his other classmates where sent for a punishment. They didn't know that it was a training however, when they were sitting the lights came off. Demons started to show up and cornered the students. Everyone was trying their might to protect and fight together. Rin decided that he must leave the room since he thinks that the demons where there for him. Rin finds a teacher and was attacked by Nizuma-sensei. He released his flames and attacked back but he didn't wounded the teacher who was already left the scene. The training was actually an exam when Mephisto showed up and told them about it. That night, Rin was attacked by Nezuma-sensei on his bed, but Rin was already safely kept by Yukio with Shiemi's assistance. Rin was able to learn that Nizuma-sensei was blaming Rin for the death of his people from his temple because Rin has the flames of satan. But Nizuma-sensei was stopped by Rin with Yukio.

Eaten by the flames

Rin Okumura Chapter 9: In a fair, Rin and the other's were given the first task for being an esquire. They were told to find a ghost in pairs. Rin was paired with Shiemi as if they were in a date and having fun in the fair. They were able to find the mischievous ghost and Shiemi was trying to baby sit it. However Amaimon shows up and took Rin's koumaken (sword). At first, Shiemi wasn't in sight and Rin took Amaimon's bait and become a demon. He wasn't fully in control with his flames and kept attacking Amaimon in the process. Rin was able to get back to his own self when he saw Shiemi in trouble and saved her.

After Chapter 9, Rin started having lesson's with Shura, which I narrate also on this page. Other than that, I think these are the moments that are important to Rin's identity as he learns more about himself. If I stumble to a scene where Rin has finally 100% in control of his flames, then I will update this page. As of May 28, 2011; Rin is still learning on controlling his flames.


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