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Rin Okumura Ao no Exorcist Blue Exorcist

"Big brother was.. always doing for me what I couldn't.. that's why when I was a kid.. I always admire big brother.."

Rin Okumura Yukio Rin has a younger twin brother named, Yukio who is known as the intelligent, matured, respectable, genius, and cool twin. Yukio is entitled as the youngest person to become an exorcist. He is also the independent twin brother who is expected to have a bright future. Rin, on the other hand, is the older twin who still makes their guardian, Fujimoto worries and was still being protected. In the beginning of the series, Rin once again was in a fight and was scolded by Fujimoto for not taking his job hunting seriously. Yukio was asked to mend Rin's injuries. While Yukio is taking care of Rin's wounds, both twins where talking about how Yukio's dream of becoming a doctor will surely come true since Rin thinks that his brother is very talented and smart.

"Yeah, I'm a big screw-up as you are the success..."

Rin Okumura Yukio Rin has always admire Yukio however way you look the two of them. At the same time, Yukio has also admire his older brother even though Yukio is already the perfect twin. Yukio thinks that Rin is a person that could do anything that he couldn't when they were young, his reason became admiration and so he dreams to become someone like Rin. Also, both twins wanted to become someone like their adopted father, Fujimoto; but Yukio can tell from how Rin acts that Rin exceeds more on becoming like Fujimoto than he is. Even though Rin constantly bickers with his twin brother Yukio, Rin's comfort and safe net is his younger brother Yukio who has always been worried about him.

Rin Okumura Yukio When they were just a mere kids, Rin has always protected Yukio from bullies and comforted him by telling him that Yukio is a smart kid and his dream of becoming a doctor will surely come true because Yukio has always been a weak child and a crybaby. Little did Rin knows that the reason for Yukio being a cry baby is because he had acquired a power to see demons from being infected by Rin from birth. At the age of 7, Yukio started learning exorcism by the guidance of Fujimoto in the effort to become stronger and to be able to protect Rin on his own phase. Yukio's reason for learning exorcism is to give back what Rin has always been doing for him when they where younger, however, Rin knows nothing about Yukio's exorcism study till Rin himself started studying exorcism.

"I'm no match for big brother after all.."


Constant Protector

In the campus, Yukio stands as Rin's teacher, protector, guardian, tutor, tour guide, father, mother, and little brother. Yukio is a worry wart and an old man living inside a 15 year old's body. He constantly checks his older brother, Rin who constantly gets into trouble because of his unwanted power. Yukio stands as Rin's strength, because Yukio has already accomplished so much and Rin wants to become like his younger brother as a respected and cool person.

"From now on.. I will protect my older brother in father's stead.."

Rin Okumura Yukio Even Yukio especially asked to have the same room as Rin just to make sure that he could keep an eye of his older brother. Yukio mentions that in order to become an exorcist Rin must accept any little inconveniences there is, but the truth is, Rin is happy that Yukio spends this amount of effort just to be near him and that dealing with Yukio is better than dealing with other people. Also, Yukio knows that his older brother isn't as smart as he is and is slow with academics, that he tries to come up with easy lessons and training for Rin's beany brain. Sometimes, Yukio can be too much protective and controlling of Rin that makes Rin uncomfortable being treated like a kid by his younger brother. He wishes that sometimes Yukio will actually ask for Rin's assistance like a younger brother should do.


Never ending bickering

Rin Okumura YukioThis is the most significant point of their relationship as brothers. It is only normal for two siblings to fight especially if they are twins. Yukio and Rin's relationship is pretty normal but, they don't realize that the reason they fight is because they honestly adore each other. One is too much matured and the other acts like a baby. Yukio's attitude towards Rin isn't what a normal younger brother does. Yukio could spout anything towards his brother even though his words could hurt Rin. The reason why Yukio say mean stuff towards Rin is because he knows that if he just say it normally, Rin wouldn't digest what Yukio is telling him. But if Yukio told Rin something in his mean way, Rin would clearly understand but would still be annoyed by Yukio's grandpa attitude. On the other way around, Rin would constantly annoy his brother by doing something that would put him into trouble. Sometimes, Rin will show his envious attitude towards his perfect younger brother by the words that he would use. But he is not negatively envious of Yukio, as a matter of fact, he is just Yukio's supporter with anything that Yukio accomplish. As for Rin, he just wanted to be treated by Yukio as an older brother, someone like a cool brother who will assist his younger brother like a hero, but in reality, it's actually reverse.

Rin Okumura Yukio Although both brothers are obviously crushing Shiemi-chan, one realizes that the other is crushing while the other is unconsciously realizing that the other is crushing as well. Confused? Well, first things first, Shiemi-chan is the adorable daughter of a store owner at True Cross Academy who was suffering from a curse from a demon. She was saved by both of our dashing Okumura Brothers. In the series, I could tell that Yukio has already feels something from Shiemi-chan before Rin arrived, however, as Shiemi and Rin becomes more acquainted with each other; Yukio obviously could tell that Shiemi is getting more interested in Rin while Rin is obviously finds Shiemi adorable. On the other hand, Rin doesn't realize that he likes Shiemi more than a friend, but he could tell that Yukio likes Shiemi even if it is unconscious realization. Whenever they argue, Rin would just spout to Yukio that Yukio would go gaga for Shiemi whenever Shiemi is in sight.

".. acting like you're so cool and mature! Just cause you're a little smart doesn't mean you should go gaga whenever you see Shiemi!"

On the serious cases, Yukio and Rin would still fight especially after the death of their guardian Fujimoto. Fujimoto is a very important person to both brothers, they also have a huge adoration to their adopted father and wishes to be like them. Both brothers have misunderstood each other since they didn't had the "talk" after the incident. When Rin found out that Yukio was secretly studying exorcism under Fujimoto and already had the knowledge about Rin's nature, Rin was angered by the thought of being betrayed. Yukio thinks that the reason why Rin suddenly decided to become an exorcist is to avenge their guardian's death against satan, however, Rin's true goal was to get stronger so that no one around him would die. And when Yukio heard Rin's reason, Yukio told Rin that the reason for him learning exorcism is also to become stronger to protect Rin. And thus, the heart shape feathers fell over the two loving brothers. Their relationship became stronger after their brotherly fight.

"I don't know who you think I am.. but I'm not low enough to fight against my own brother."


I will surpass you
"Yukio!! I swear to God that I'll surpass you!!"

Rin Okumura Yukio In chapter 16, Rin had noticed how much Yukio has been ahead of him. He had seen Yukio being treated with respect, and admiration. Also, he had seen how much Yukio works hard as an exorcist and how much people have been depending on him. More than that, Rin had seen how strong Yukio by comparing himself to Yukio. After the incident where Yukio saved a young boy in the hands of a demon, Rin announced to Yukio that he swears to surpass his younger brother. Yukio was at first shocked but took the challenge and told him that that is impossible, but since he is a busy person, Rin should become stronger to take care of himself. Little did Rin know, Yukio had admired him since they where kids. Yukio thinks that his older brother is strong and could do the stuffs that he couldn't which lead him to learn exorcism to get stronger and to become someone not afraid of the demons anymore. These two brothers are idiotically comparing themselves to each other because they couldn't see the great things that they already have, but could only notice what the other one has. But in Yukio's case, he is already over with the thought of becoming like Rin since he thinks that becoming someone could only weaken himself. In order to become stronger, Yukio must accept his own self. But as of now, Yukio has reached one of his goals to be strong enough to protect his older brother.

Rin Okumura Yukio There was also a moment when Rin decided to become looking respectful and kind by copying Yukio's hairstyle. It was on chapter 15 of Ao no Exorcist manga. I find it hilariously stupid and at the same time amusing. The fact that Rin copied Yukio's hairstyle to become someone respectful just meant that in Rin's eyes, his younger brother Yukio is respectful and matured person that he would like to become.


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